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31st American Psychiatry, Psychology and Nursing Congress, will be organized around the theme “Discoveries and Innovations towards Mental Health, Wellness and Healthcare”

Psychiatry and Psychology 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Psychiatry and Psychology 2019

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Psychiatry is the branch of medicine concentrated on the determination, treatment and prevention of mental, passionate and social issue. Psychiatry is the restorative claim to fame committed to the conclusion, counteractive action and treatment of mental disorders. These incorporate different maladaptations identified with inclination, conduct, discernment, and observations. Current psychiatry too carries with it new debates, for example, the medicalization of ordinary life, the energy of the medication organizations and the utilization of psychiatry as a specialist of social control.


  • Track 13-1Pediatric and Child Psychiatry
  • Track 13-2Biological Psychiatry
  • Track 13-3Military Psychiatry
  • Track 13-4Psychosomatic Treatment
  • Track 13-5Forensic Psychiatry or Criminology
  • Track 13-6Cortical Development in Psychiatry
  • Track 13-7Midwifery and Women’s Health
  • Track 13-8Neuropsychiatry
  • Track 13-9Community psychiatry
  • Track 13-10Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Track 13-11Social Psychiatry

Psychology (Brain science) is the examination of mind that grips all parts of insightful and unmindful involvement with thought. It is an academic instruct associated science to understand individuals and social event them by working up general models with researching specific cases. In this field, a specialist expert or investigator is known as a therapist and can be named a social, behavioral, or subjective analyst. Experts attempt to grasp the piece of mental limits in individual and social direct, while moreover exploring the physiological and natural methodology that underlie mental limits and practices.


  • Track 14-1Psychology Health
  • Track 14-2Biological Psychology or Physiological Psychology
  • Track 14-3Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Track 14-4Cognitive or Behavioral Psychology
  • Track 14-5Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • Track 14-6Counseling and Clinical Psychology
  • Track 14-7Health Psychology and Education
  • Track 14-8Neuropsychology and Parapsychology
  • Track 14-9Applied and Engineering Psychology
  • Track 14-10Abnormal and Developmental Psychology
  • Track 14-11Positive Psychology or Science of Happiness
  • Track 14-12Evolutionary Psychology

Mental health (psychiatric or psychological) disorders involve disturbances in thinking, emotion, and behavior. Small disturbances in these aspects of life are common, but when such disturbances distress the person greatly and/or interfere with daily life, they are considered mental illness or a mental health disorder. The effects of mental illness may be temporary or long-lasting. These disorders are caused by complex interactions between physical, psychological, social, cultural, and hereditary influences. Psychiatric medications are mainly prescribed by primary care physician. Anyway the best treatment for a mental health concern is from a mental health professional: a psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social specialist or psychotherapist. For some patients, a blend of psychotherapy and medication is typically demonstrated, the best technique for treatment.



  • Track 16-1Psychoanalysis
  • Track 16-2Women Mental health
  • Track 16-3Personality, Thinking and Emotion
  • Track 16-4Dementia
  • Track 16-5Forensic Mental Health
  • Track 16-6Management and Treatment
  • Track 16-7Research, Education and Case Studies

Psychiatric nursing or emotional wellness nursing is the forte of nursing that watches over individuals of any age with dysfunctional behavior or mental pain, for example, schizophrenia, bipolar confusion, psychosis, sorrow or dementia. A psychological well-being medical attendant can be exceptionally fulfilling, yet this can be an unpleasant and sincerely depleting work also. Enlisted medical attendants can work in the psychological wellness field and they can likewise build their capabilities by undertaking further review in this field.


  • Track 18-1Psychosis
  • Track 18-2Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Track 18-3Brain and Aggressiveness

Psychotherapy is otherwise called talk treatment, a procedure of mental technique for treating emotional wellness issues by conversing with a specialist, analyst or other psychological well-being supplier. It is an approach to treat individuals with a mental issue by helping them comprehend their sickness. It shows individuals techniques and gives them apparatuses to manage push and unfortunate considerations and practices.       


  • Track 20-1Cognition or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Track 20-2Behavioral Therapy
  • Track 20-3Child and Adolescent Behavioral Therapy
  • Track 20-4Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Track 20-5Talk Therapy
  • Track 20-6Music Therapy
  • Track 20-7Emotion Regulation Therapy
  • Track 20-8Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorders
  • Track 20-9Suicide Prevention
  • Track 20-10Psychiatry and Psychology Practice
  • Track 20-11Advances in Psychotherapy

Anxiety is a feeling described by an upsetting condition of inward disturbance, frequently accompanied by nervous behavior like pacing back and forth, substantial objections, and rumination. Anxiety is the desire of future threat. Depression is a condition of low mood and antipathy for movement that can influence any one’s thoughts, behavior, tendencies, emotions, and feeling of prosperity. Stress, a type of mental agony is a feeling of strain and pressure. Stress can build the danger for strokes, heart attacks, ulcers, and depression.


  • Track 21-1Anxiety Disorder
  • Track 21-2Anger and Sadness
  • Track 21-3Panic Disorder
  • Track 21-4Clinical Depression
  • Track 21-5Anxiety and Disasters
  • Track 21-6Stress Management

Sleep disorder or somnipathy, is a therapeutic issue related to sleep patterns of any individual. A couple of disarranges are not kidding enough to meddle with mental, physical, social and passionate working. Polysomnography and actigraphy are tests commonly requested for some rest issue. Sleep Medicine is presently a perceived subspecialty inside inward drug, otolaryngology, family medicine, psychiatry and neurology, pediatrics in the United States.


  • Track 22-1Sleep Medicine
  • Track 22-2Pain Medicine
  • Track 22-3Psychopharmacology
  • Track 22-4Psychopathology
  • Track 22-5Palliative Medicine

The term psychological disorder means a mental disorder or illness that interferes with a person’s behavior, interacts with others, and functions in daily life. Psychiatric disorders are also sometimes known as mental health disorders or mental health illnesses. More often, psychiatric problems go unnoticed and undiagnosed in patients seeking treatment for some other health problem. These disorders range from normal behavioral and mood to violent actions.


  • Track 24-1Trauma
  • Track 24-2Schizophrenia
  • Track 24-3ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • Track 24-4PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Track 24-5Bipolar Disorder
  • Track 24-6Obsession or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Track 24-7Mood Disorders
  • Track 24-8Personality Disorders
  • Track 24-9Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Track 24-10Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Track 24-11Reactive Attachment Disorders
  • Track 24-12Sexual Psychiatric Disorder
  • Track 24-13Eating Disorders and Obesity

Addiction is a type of brain disorder described by urgent commitment in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences, which emerges through epigenetic and transcriptional mechanism and happens after some time from chronically high levels of exposure to an addictive boost. Examples of behavioral and drug addictions like: alcoholism, cocaine addiction, nicotine addiction, opioid addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction, and sexual addiction.


  • Track 25-1Drugs and Health
  • Track 25-2Addiction Medicine
  • Track 25-3Addiction Counseling
  • Track 25-4Addiction Psychiatry
  • Track 25-5Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
  • Track 25-6Addiction and Youth
  • Track 25-7Alcohol and Recovery

Neuropsychology is the investigation of the structure and function of the brain as they identify with particular mental procedures and practices. It is one of the experimental field of psychology that aims to understand how expects to see how conduct and insight are impacted by mind working and is associated with the determination and treatment of social and intellectual impacts of neurological issue. Cognitive neuroscience or psychological neuroscience is the field concerned with the study of various biological processes and aspects that underlie perception with a particular focus on the neural associations in the brain that are involved in mental processes.


  • Track 26-1Pediatric Neurology
  • Track 26-2Neuroimaging
  • Track 26-3Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Track 26-4Cognition and Neurocognitive Disorder
  • Track 26-5Neurophysiology: Neuropsychology and Neuropsychiatry
  • Track 26-6Brain Aging
  • Track 26-7Behavioral Neurology and Social Science

Psychopharmacology is the logical investigation of the impacts drugs have on mood, sensation, considering, and conduct. The field of psychopharmacology contemplates an extensive variety of   substances with different sorts of psychoactive properties, concentrating essentially on the concoction communications with the brain. The medicine industry (pharmaceutical industry) is the industry that finds, creates, delivers, and markets medications or pharmaceutical medications for use as various kinds of medicine and medications. Pharmaceutical organizations may bargain in generic or brand medications and devices. They are liable to an assortment of laws and controls that oversee the patenting, testing, wellbeing, efficacy and marketing of drugs.


  • Track 28-1Pharmacology
  • Track 28-2Psychosomatic Medicine
  • Track 28-3Counseling and Early Intervention

Psychiatric case reports contain data from and about the patient. The case report is to mirror that the individual who composed it knows about psychiatric specialized terms in portraying the side effects, the status and in delineating the ailment. Case report exhibit that the analyst has essential data's to express side effects agreeing the examination of the patient, can make differential analysis between discrete diseases and can set up a restorative arrangement. Data from other medicinal records or those picked up by the inspector himself ought to be isolated for the situation report.


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Healthcare is the support or help or change of prosperity through prevention, analysis, and treatment of illness, damage, disease, and different physical and mental weakness in people. Healthcare is conveyed by health experts (providers or practitioners) in unified prosperity fields. Doctors and doctor associates are a part of these prosperity specialists. Maternity care, audiology, dentistry, nursing, pharmaceutical, optometry, pharmacy, psychology, occupational therapy and other wellbeing callings are a part of medicinal services. It incorporates work done in giving essential care, secondary care, and tertiary care, and additionally in general wellbeing.



  • Track 36-1Nutrition and Public Health
  • Track 36-2Healthcare and Management
  • Track 36-3Nursing Education and Research
  • Track 36-4Nursing and Nurse Practitioners
  • Track 36-5Clinical Pharmacy and Psychiatry
  • Track 36-6Fundamental and Clinical Practices

Yoga is a gathering of physicalmental, and otherworldly practices or trains which began in ancient IndiaMeditation can be characterized as training where an individual uses a technique, for example, concentrating their mind on a specific protest, thought or action, to achieve a mentally clear and candidly quiet state. Meditation may be used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and increasing peace, perception and wellbeing. Mindfulness is one of the psychological processes of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, and can be developed through the practice of meditation and various training.


  • Track 37-1Buddhism
  • Track 37-2Humanistic Psychology
  • Track 37-3Hypnotism
  • Track 37-4Criticism and Risks in Mindfulness