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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 28th World Congress on Psychiatry, Psychological Syndromes and Therapeutics New York City, New York, USA.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Fagogenis Gerasimos

Athens University School of Medicine Postgraduate, Greece

Keynote: Electroencephalogram - electroencephalogram interchange [EEG – EEG interchange] thinking proceedings transmission

Time : 08:50-09:35

Conference Series Psychiatry 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Fagogenis Gerasimos photo

Fagogenis Gerasimos has completed his Post-graduation from Athens University and Doctorate in Medicine. He has done his practice in Pediatrics at University Clinics of Evangelismos Hospital, Athens. In the year 1979, he got License for Medical Practice in Pediatrics and has nine medical works published.



Over preliminary avocation to experienced experimentation upon the feasibility of regional or overall transmission of Human Brain’s Electromagnetic waves – as an EEG Signal configuration –to another Person’s Cerebral cortex [΄EEG – EEG INTERCHANGE΄], But: REMOTELY –like a modulated Signal of compatible Frequency Magnitude, without implement mediation e.g. microchip, cerebral implants or skull electrodes – IN OPEN AIR and ON ANY GPS PARAMETER. Meaning Emission Interaction from Brain to Brain (B-B Interface) means Radio Antennas sensors and Satellite mediated procedures. Primary schedule runs as: EEG - graphic waves properly detected, through specific sensitive appliances are gathered to be Transmitted TO OTHER Participant’s Brain. It follows a, with detectable phase difference, elaboration of those EEG - graphic Signals, because these are compatible with Human Brain’s Electrophysiology. Here Not a PC but Brain Cortex is the Decoding matter. Effects are impressive and constitute cognitive communication of other’s cerebral functions - Thoughts included ̇ resulting in Comprehension of them as a copied Speech Analogon/Parallele, coinciding technically to the long spoken concept of Physical Telepathy. That goes back even to the very early origination of Mental Constructions that is: to Thought and Intangible (sensed) ΄Images΄ making of: Psychesthetism. Furthermore this Brain to Brain Transmittal comprises not only Cognitive but also sensory interpretations©. The quality of Perception and Interaction from person to person coincides with Reality in some fields while, simultaneously and at any moment, Intangible sensory and cognitive Images – Noetic forms Gestalt - are realized bilaterally: At all-time speech interaction simulates open space conversation© Psychesthetism Essence in perception and comprehension© 2016.


Keynote Forum

Christopher Jump

Heart & Soul, Inc. USA

Keynote: Define your wellness: Disrupt your diagnosis

Time : 11:00-11:45

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Christopher Jump earned his peer Counseling Certificate from College of San Mateo in the spring of 2012. Since beginning his career at Heart and Soul, Inc. in the summer of 2012, he has tirelessly advocated for the rights of those experiencing mental health distress. Utilizing his own lived experience, he calls upon people to change the conversation from diagnosis to dialogue. He is the Program Manager at Heart and Soul, Inc. 7/2012 to present. Previously, he was a Panelist at Stamp Out Stigma 1/2012 to 4/2014 and a Resource Advocate at Vocational Rehabilitation Services 7/2010 to 5/2011.



Many people experience trauma and hardship in life. Many are diagnosed with mental health conditions. Is a diagnosis always necessary? If a person is diagnosed, is it always necessary to prescribe drugs? Are there alternatives? Is it possible for a person to learn to cope and move on in life without relying on a diagnosis and prescription medication? Trauma affects many people in many ways. It can be through physical or sexual abuse, natural disasters (earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc), kidnapping, rape, shootings, death, etc. 60% of adults in the US report experiencing abuse or some other form of family trauma during childhood. Four out of every 10 children say they have experienced a physical assault within the past year. One in 10 of those resulted in a physical related injury. In the speech, the author will plan on spending five minutes addressing the impact that physical and emotional abuse had on me as a child. The author wants to mention two specific incidents of verbal and emotional abuse. The author will touch on feeling extreme sadness as a result and how even as far back as third grade the author experienced intense thoughts of suicide ideation. The author will also touch on the interests the author had as a child and how the trauma led me to lose interest in the author’s normal activities. After explaining the impact trauma had on my life, the author will spend five minutes detailing what did not work for me when the author decided to seek treatment. The author will mention being misdiagnosed with clinical depression and borderline personality disorder. The author will touch on the 15 years the author spent on medication, a few specific examples of the trauma of being hospitalized and how lost the author was for 15 years. The author will then spend five minutes describing what worked for me. The author will explain how through two therapies, dialectic behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy and through the support of my peers the author was able to learn coping techniques and go off of my medications. The author will use specific examples from each therapy and how connecting with others with lived experience gave the author that sense of acceptance and community. The author will spend the final five minutes addressing what the author life is like now. The author will share about the work the author do as a Program Manager at Heart and amp; Soul. The author will share examples of success the author have had in the community. Specific examples such as isolated people becoming social, people with no direction deciding to go to school and seek a degree, people becoming gainfully employed. The author will use the final five to 10 minutes for questions and answers


Keynote Forum

Mickey Mehta

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s Wellness Temples, India

Keynote: The monumental health code- Vedic wisdom for millennium next

Time : 11:45-12:30

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Mickey Mehta is a global leading holistic health guru and wellness wizard. With over 36 years of research and experience in re-inventing fitness and wellness, he has been awarded a double doctorate in holistic health and life-sciences from the International Medicine Alternativa. He is the founder of Dr. Mickey Mehta’s Wellness temples and has pioneered numerous other intellectual properties in fitness and wellness across India. He has authored thousands of articles and columns on fitness, holistic health and wellness across his career. He has been felicitated with the Health and Wellness Icon Award by the prestigious Times Group. His latest gift to the world is in the form of his debut book-“The Shoonyam Quotient” which celebrates the ancient Vedic wisdom to help you tap into your infinium potential and experience the light of life. His mission is to make wellness the religion number one for an inclusive human evolution.



For time immemorial we have been blessed with long lifespans owing to our Vedic inspired lifestyle habits. But over the last few hundred years we humans have deteriorated ourselves into paranoid humanoids and have wreaked absolute havoc on our physical and mental health and wellness in our relentless pursuit of all things money and success. But with the growing awareness and re-discoveries of the treasures of ancient knowledge and wisdom, today’s leading scientists are once again accepting that our ancestors were truly enlightened beings when it came to holistic health and life sciences. The monu-mental health code is created by Dr. Mickey Mehta over three and a half decades of research and study of diverse ancient civilizations and cultural legacies from Vedas to Zen, from Greek to Oriental and from Tao to Tantra.  There have been some beautiful common threads of holistic healthcare across these civilizations that span geographies and timelines. This code consists of ten monu-mental health commandments that will enrich and empower you to lead your life with this ancient wellness wisdom for the next millennium to come! Mickey will delve deep into these commandments and teach you how you can imbibe and practice these life-transforming habits to experience perfect health. The ten commandments are:  Starting your day with breath for breakfast, adopting cosmic nutrition to experience the real food for gods, crafting wonder workouts for the body, mind and soul, learning zen rituals to hone mental faculties and unleashing your mind-power, using neurobics to perform par excellence, growing out of paranoid humanoid syndrome, mastering the art of response over reactions, transforming from dis-ease to ease naturally, experiencing super-to sound sleep and comatose to repose-moving beyond mindfulness to mindlessness in shoonyam meditations. These Ten Commandments form the code of living a truly monumental life throbbing with physical and mental dexterity for the futuristic humans of this millennium next- who evolve beyond smart efficient machines to invincible wise beings once again.